Watch ‘Doctor Strange’ Movie Upside Down TV Spot: “This Is Just The Beginning”

Doctor Strange Streaming Online

Next week, you will get to watch how Marvel & film director Scott Derrickson pulled off Doctor Strange. The character is a very different taste of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The origin tale shares apparent resemblances to their past movies, but in overall tone and performance, Doctor Strange is a slightly different, trippier, and sometimes more impressive comic book movie. The crazy visuals alone help separate Scott Derrickson’s movie from the herd a little, and a new upside down TV spot uses some of the film’s grander, action-heavier shots to sell viewers on Marvel’s newest and strangest.

This origin tale causes Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to open his mind. After the arrogant, selfish but brilliant doctor wrecks his hands in a car accident, he’s left scarred and lost. Strange journeys to the other side of the world to search answers, looking for a way to fix his hands. Instead, his mind expands and he becomes a sorcerer. All in all, not a bad journey to Nepal.

The marketing materials for Doctor Strange haven’t revealed too many shots or scenes better to experience on the big screen first. When Strange and Mordo are standing on the side of the building, watching New York move all around them, there’s a lot to that sequence the TV spots and trailers, thankfully, haven’t ruined. And, to Doctor Strange‘s credit, as engrossing as the action and psychedelic pictures are, some tremendous close-ups of Tilda Swinton or Mads Mikkelsen are just as interesting. Sometimes the film’s most amazing sequences are its easiest ones.
Doctor Strange Streaming online

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