‘Doctor Strange’ movie Runtime has been Revealed, It Will Be Less Than Two Hours

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When it comes to super hero films, 2016 has seen no shortage of long movies. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was 2 hours & 31 min. Captain America: Civil War was 2 hours & 27 min. X-Men: Apocalypse was 2 hours & 24 min. Suicide Squad was 2 hours & 3 min. In fact, the only super hero film so far this year to come in under 2 hours is Deadpool, which runs a tight 1 hour and 48 min.

JoBlo has found the duration for the year’s last super hero film, Doctor Strange, and discovered that it comes in at 1 hour, 54 minutes according to the British Board of Film Classification.

Most Marvel films run over 2 hours, and while there’s nothing naturally incorrect with that, it’s a bit of a comfort that we can still get a big super hero movie that doesn’t feel like it needs an legendary playback to tell an legendary tale. In fact, Doctor Strange is the second-shortest Marvel movie to date.

Will the duration of the movie make or break Doctor Strange? Of course not, but it’s a fun bit of trivia and I’m exciting to watch what director Scott Derrickson has drawn off with the latest addition to the MCU.

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