Doctor Strange Continues Marvel’s Hot Streak

Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, performed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie, created his 1st Marvel Comics appearance in July of 1963 as a world-class neurosurgeon who becomes the “Sorcerer Supreme” of planet Earth – the title organized by the dimension’s biggest magic practitioner. As the Magician Supreme, he now is one of the universe’s most essential figures, ongoing the classic good vs. evil tale by protecting earth from outside mystical intruders.

His journey into a world beyond difficulties his wealthy and ego-driven way of life. Strange’s scientific, Western worldview is destroyed when he encounters a car accident that damages the then most important part of his existence: his arms. As Strange looks for a treat, he stumbles upon the Historical One (played by Tilda Swinton), one of the previous Sorcerer Supremes. She reveals his mind to a world that opposes everything he is discovered via natural medication, surgical feats and intellect. By the end of the film he is a believer in everything religious – he is mastered a levitation cloak, controls time and more.

Marvel Studios, who has produced the best movies about the Marvel Comics universe in my opinion, brought Strange’s personality and comic book tale to the big screen pretty completely. Outside of the Ancient One not being performed by someone of Asian descent, the film was great. It was funny, creative and had similar world-bending kaleidoscope-like effects that were seen previously in movies like Inception. The battling styles and sorcerer magic battling moments are completely matched with witty dialogue and Strange’s facial expressions of misunderstandings and surprise. Cumberbatch, who has hit roles in movies like Hawking, Van Gogh: Painted with Word and 12 Years a Slave, carries on his own hot-streak with this starring role in a much expected Marvel tale.

For lovers of Marvel’s upcoming Thor and The Avengers film, this falls completely in accordance with what’s to come next including Thanos and the Infinity Stones. Marvel creator Stan Lee creates his overall look in the film as regular and reveals one of the best super hero source experiences we have seen on the big screen. If you have not seen it, I recommend you to watch Doctor Strange movie. This is superb movie.

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